×Corporate Culture:
  ,We take the customers- oriented out of the company and take the staff- oriented in the company. We should make the satisfactions of the customers be the measure of weighing the image of the company. And we also should come into the consciousness that we must have consideration for customers every time.

×Our Basic Belief:
  ,We take the clothing business as the main major to develop the market and increase the technology step by step . Respect personality development, advocate equality of opportunity, satisfy the request of the customers, observe the spirit of fair play, establish efficient organization, create harmonious atmosphere, genuinely return the society.

×Our company guiding principle: deep, fact, thin, strict, fast.
  ,Deep means embed and deepen, fact means honesty and keep faith, thin means particularity and accurate, strict means seriousness and earnest; fast means celerity and rapid response. We must do our best and work gradually persisting in the belief of 1/1000. We have been always fighting against the bad behavior and conquering the bad habits completely. We believe that we study earnestly and keep to the guiding principle we will wins the race and from victory to victory!


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