Welcome to PAN TEXTILES LTD., main website, and sincerely hope that this website can impel you to have further understanding and know to our company . Since the company been established, it is very sane to develop, the scale is expanding constantly. ALL These Depend on Various Sircles of Society and old and new Customers' Care and support,depend on company staff's joint efforts.

  The products and service quality of our company are all tested through the market. Market economy is developed rapidly today, the market competition is under the fierce situation day by day, but we will be as before , will strengthen quality control , will improve the production technology, really realize the whole quality control system of the Production Procedure .The fast popularization of Internet has offered better environment f o r global economic integration, create a brand-new opportunity for development of a lot of trades o f ours too. Especially after China joins WTO, with the enhancement of foreign trade, the challenge of impact to domestic market from foreign countries products and the opportunity to opening up wide future international market space at the same time are in front of us. We will make most of the new-type media of Internet , to understand new technology , new train of thought , new development , new trends in whole world, omni- directionally to show image of enterprise and product, strengthen the exchange of technology , promote the cooperation in economy and trade, widen domestic and international markets actively , make great efforts to increase economic efficiency to , make scope of the enterprise develop constantly.

  Reviewing the past, what we are proud of is: Offer the satisfactory products to the market; Look forward to the future, we strength confidence in our own future, and determined to live up to the people's expectations, continue keeping and carrying forward the spirit of pioneering an enterprise with painstaking efforts, afford to work with perseverance. We think : Only cast sight on the whole society, may succeed ; Only devote all love to the market, his life and undertaking are really meaningful .

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