Chosen and used by a kind of products :
  1. Silk quilt: The silk belonged to the natural instinct of the natural grass, there were ice-cold feelings while just overlaying the upper part of the body, ventilative and light and soft, next to the skin like second layer of skins. When being choose it should pay attention to silk price differential often it know what's what the amount of time,difference lie in include silk the purities and grade not silk of. Except is it label to pay attention to , can open cloth sets of zipper check foetus length , silk of fibre when choosing, pay attention to having gloss like pearls, feel with hands again whether the silk quality is smooth and smooth-going. The elite silk fibre is extremely long and tough , durable in use. Have no influence on the respiratory apparatus.

  2. Eiderdown quilt: The natural eiderdown is tough , full of elasticity, the quality is light and soft , the eiderdown quilt fills with a large amount of air inside, can block the external cold air effectively , and the eiderdown can vary with temperature and shrink to expand , regulate temperature, help the sleep to reach the most comfortable state. Is it is it is it have natural content of eiderdown to label to look out for to want when choosing, among 15-70% general fine hair content of eiderdown quilt, had better higher than 50%. Pure percentage that fine hair account for relatively high, eiderdown quilt getting cold-proof and better, expand loose and soft relatively, pushed by any angle, can all reply the original state rapidly . But if respiratory apparatuses of family are more sensitive , should be cautious .

  3. Wool quilt: In all fibres, the wool has the unique one hot definitely, its natural elasticity is curly can keep air and make it distributed evenly among the fibres effectively . Because wool can absorb their itself 1/3 moisture of weight , and can distribute the moisture to the dry air again , so the wool can be built a humidity little suitable environment around the body, make the skin feel more comfortable. Choosing the wool must be firmlied believe and had a purely new wool sign , see the composition clearly to label, the little wool shaves the fetal hair under for the first time for the sheep, the best.

  4. Empty fibre quilt in China: Traditional textile fibre empty structure in being, so soft degree,, it is and getting cold-proof and relatively poor to be getting ventilative. It have hole of,have hole not ventilative of fibre cross sections not cotton of it, can guarantee the convection of the air , has strengthened the flexibility and elasticity of the cotton-wadded quilt. Space on it is from fibre in quality , price in its Confucius is for standard of consulting,such as "nine hole "than "three hole "have higher price not of fine quality.
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